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Wherever you are in your faith journey, you're

welcome to take your next step here


Each person's journey of faith is as unique as every human God created. For some, becoming a member of the community of Christ was as an infant, at their baptism. Others may journey without the presence of the Lord in their lives for years, only to come to a place of faith as adults. Still others may have fallen away, or turned away, or may have even been rejected by their religious institution for whatever reasons. 


At Sanibel Congregational United Church of Christ, you'll find a faith centered, God embracing community of men, women and children from literally all walks of religions — or no religion at all. Our focus is on our common beliefs in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit — and that we are saved to eternal live by the grace of God, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, in a non-judgmental environment.


So wherever your faith journey has taken you — and no matter what shoes you've journeyed in — you'll find an open door here with us. We encourage you to walk through it and come on it.

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