Help Fight for Human Rights with our 2nd Annual
"Write for Rights" 
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What is "Write for Rights"?  

It is Amnesty International's global letter-writing campaign.  For 19 years they have invited people across the world to write letters for those whose basic human rights are threatened. Our congregation along with Bat Yam Temple participated in this last year for the first time.  We got together, wrote letters, and helped make a difference.

This year we cannot get together but we can still write one or two types of letters. One is the person in authority who can make change happen. The second is to the person or group so that they know that the aren't forgotten. 

Do I have to write on behalf of all of these? 


No!  You can write both types for all nine cases, decided to write only solidarity or advocacy letters, or write on behalf of only a few of these cases. Even one letter helps.  Its up to you who you want to support with your time and letters.

Okay, how do I take part?

1) Decide how many and which type of letter you want to write.

2) Click on the buttons below to read about each case.  Also included is a sample letter and the addresses for those to whom you will be writing.

3) Write the letters! Their are sample letters but it is more impactful if you have the      time to personalize them. Then put each in an envelope, addressed to the party. (You don't have to put your return address on it if you prefer not to.) 

4) DO NOT MAIL THE LETTERS Instead drop them off at the church office or put them together in a larger envelope and mail attention Pastor Deb at the church office at 2050 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL 33957.

Why can't we mail them ourselves?

Amnesty International asks each group to report how many letters they wrote on behalf of each case.  This gives them added leverage as they advocate with the authorities.  We report them under our church's name, and will send them from here.