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Skip the Slip

Join your Green Team as we undertake this effort to protect not only yourself but all the workers who work with cash register receipts. We can do this by informing their employers that the type of paper commonly used has ink containing a toxic chemical (BPA or BPS) that easily rubs off and enters the bloodstream through the skin.  It is linked to bad health outcomes, such as some cancers, cardiovascular disease, and reproductive and brain development abnormalities.

You can help reduce this exposure by participating in Green America’s “Skip the Slip” campaign to ask businesses and other institutions to use phenol-free receipt paper and to reduce the waste of paper receipts by offering a digital option.   Click on any or all of the model letters at the bottom of the page.  You can copy, alter, print, then sign and mail them, or call their phone number on separate list.  There is also some more suggestions on how to reduce your own exposure and  how to participate under the "Skip the Slip Details" button.  Email with any questions and to report what you have done