So Many Books, Magazines, Online Articles, Newspapers...So Little Time!

I recently got a notice wrapped around a magazine that I subscribe to warning me that this might be my "final issue" unless I renew my subscription. It is a magazine that always has a number of significant articles about issues that concern me. It's editorial stance is one I fully endorse. And the writing is good. But I probably won't renew the subscription. Not because of the magazine itself, but rather because I discover, month after month, that the magazines and journals I subscribe to often pile up and go unread. Said another way, I've got too much to read!

I usually have at least three books in the works, a novel, a biography and a piece of non-fiction, usually but not always theology. And there are two magazines that I do read very faithfully, cover to cover. Additionally I read the local paper everyday, and on Sunday's the New York Times as well. I do a lot of reading. But then there is the stack of magazines that sits waiting for me to dig in. And I just don't get to it most months. And issue after issue ends up going to recycling. It is a waste of money and a waste of paper. And it induces a bit of unnecessary guilt. So I'm not going to renew this particular subscription.

I once saw a t-shirt that said, "So Many Books, So Little Time." I understand. "So Much to Read. So Little Time." But that's the way life always works, isn't it? We are blessed with such bounty, such abundance, that we have to be willing to set limits. You can't do it all. Maybe I'm finally learning. And it's only taken me sixty-five years!

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