Half-Price Chocolates and the MBTA

Many years ago I was commuting into Boston on the "T"--the subway system that winds its way above and underground in that wonderful old city. It was one of those days when you wonder if the trains only run in one direction. Car after car went the other way, while those of us on our side of the tracks waited on the platform. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes. The lack of a train seemed to go on forever.

There at the stop, along with a number of us tight-lipped, briefcase clutching folks, was a young couple. They were giggling, and kissing, and sharing a huge silk-flower covered yellow heart-shaped box of chocolates. Suddenly a third friend joined them

"Where did you get that?" she asked pointing at the box of chocolates. The young woman giggled, as her beau responded. "It was half-price at the drugstore!"

As the three of them laughed, I thought to myself,"I would never buy such a silly thing, and even if I did, I wouldn't eat it in public!" Maybe when I was even younger I would have done that. But that day I was more concerned about my image. I didn't want to look foolish before the other briefcase clutchers. At sixty-five, I still worry about such things from time to time. But I'm getting better. Maybe that means I'm getting younger--at least at heart!

I suspect there are such leftover boxes of chocolates on sale right now at the drugstore. After all, Valentine's Day was less than a week ago! Maybe I should go buy one!

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