Adolescent Theology

Being a congregation located on an island where the average age is sixty-five, means things like infant baptisms and confirmations are few and far between. So it was a special joy this past Sunday to confirm four young people as they marked an important point on their respective faith journeys. During the service each of the four offered a statement of faith, a summary of their beliefs at this moment in time. We asked them to address their understandings of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, the church and the world. We offered them the opportunity to express their statements in a variety of ways, using the arts or technology if they wished to express their views. One of the young people made a video. Another prepared a Power Point presentation. A third wrote and delivered a brief speech. And the fourth confirmand created a drawing to help explain her beliefs. It was a rich display of adolescent theology! I don't mean that in a derogatory way. I'm not saying it was just "kid stuff." One definition of adolescent speaks of being in the process of developing from a child into an adult. That's helpful. The theology on display Sunday was, I trust, in process . As the four young confirmands grow physically, psychologically, emotionally, I trust they will also be open to growing spiritually. And if they do, that will most likely lead to some changes in their theological understandings. But for now, at this moment in time, they shared with us sincere and thoughtful reflections of their faith. And that can only help each one of us as we continue to develop and grow in our faith. It is indeed a journey, one that twists and turns and often holds surprises. But it is a journey we take together--young and old alike! (Photo: Sanibel Congregational United Church of Christ 2017 Confirmation Class--with cake! Thanks to photographer Bruce Findley)EndFragment

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