Cookies, Vodka, Chips and Guns

So here we go again.


Another mass shooting--and more debate about guns.

Here in Florida, where this past weekend's attack occurred, our legislators are looking at a bill which would for all intents and purposes eliminate gun-free zones. If the bill passes and is signed, folks with permits to carry concealed weapons would be allowed to bring guns onto college campuses, into airports, and other currently restricted areas. As I understand it, supporters believe this will make things safer because should an attacker open fire there would be people present who could shoot back and minimize the loss of life.

I'm sorry, but that sounds to me like an open invitation to recreate the shoot-out at the OK Corral here in the Sunshine State. It just makes no sense to me. Apparently I'm not alone. Law enforcement officials have spoken out against it. College administrators and faculties are opposed to it. Those who might be most impacted by such a piece of legislation have said, no thank you. This isn't the Wild West.

It seems to me that we should be able to come up with some reasonable solution to the gun violence. Yes, we need to pay attention to the paucity of mental health services in this country (especially here in Florida). Yes, we need to address the prevalence of violence in film, music, video games and other popular culture. Yes, we need to deal with the break down of trust in families, in communities, and between various groups. But we also need to recognize there are too many guns, and too many types of guns, within our borders, and too little control over their availability and use.

If I want to lose weight, I don't fill my cupboards with cookies and potato chips. If I want to stop drinking, I don't stock up on vodka and beer. Adding more guns to the equation is not going to limit violence. Period. So let's talk. Let's find the answers that work.


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