Down to the Wire

So it comes down to the wire. While folks are already casting their ballots by mail or in early voting, many polls indicate that this year's presidential sweepstakes is too close to call. Some years it is harder to believe that every vote counts, but this year it is patently clear. Your voice, your vote, matters.


For some folks the choice has been clear from the start. There has been no question who to vote for--or at least, who to vote against. But others have found themselves on the horns of a dilemma. They have not been enamored with either of the two major candidates, nor the two other folks on the ballot. They have felt the need to choose between, in the words of some, the lesser of two evils. But choose we must. It is not only the privilege we who are citizens of this nation enjoy--it is also one of our responsibilities. If this is truly to be a government by and of the people, with any chance at being a government for the people, we must be willing to participate. And the most concrete way we can do so is by casting a ballot.

I've written before in this space about our obligation as people of faith to use whatever gifts we have been given in the best way we can. So I won't wax on about stewardship again. But I will remind us all that we can and should base our choices on our own values--and for people of faith, that means our moral, faith-based values. Yours may be different from mine, but I would still hope you base your decision on your values. It is the only way one can be a person of integrity.

Facebook has been full of thoughtless, mean-spirited and just plain juvenile posts this campaign season. But an old college dorm-mate of mine recently put up a very wise post. I quote it here in part, with thanks to Stew Wolfe:

"Educate yourselves on what the issues are. Decide if you are happy with either candidates stand on the issues that matter to you. Don't listen to the polls, political pundits, or those trying to sway you. Listen to your heart of hearts, and your conscience. Cast your ballot! This country is a Representative Union. Many people have sacrificed much to give you the right to choose whom you want to represent you. Don't do them a disservice by staying home. If Clinton more closely represents your views, vote for her. If Trump more closely represents you views, vote for him. You don't have to like everything about your candidate, but you do need to choose!" I couldn't have said it better, Stew. That's why I didn't try to! Just vote.EndFragment

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