Giant Meteors and the Right to Vote

Recently I saw a post on Facebook that read: "Clinton and Trump are like two divorced parents fighting over who gets custody off us--and we just want to go to Grandmas!"


On the side of the road on my way to work I saw a lawn sign that looked like your standard political campaign sign, but where it would normally say a candidates name, it said "Giant Meteor 2016" and then in smaller letters a "campaign" slogan: "Let's just end it all now!"

Talk about dark humor! Still, such things illustrate that while there are indeed ardent supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as third party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, many, many Americans aren't very happy with any of them. Again and again polls show a very high percentage of voters feel unfavorably about the candidates. All of them.

So for many voters, there is a dilemma. For whom should I cast my ballot? Do I pick a candidate simply to keep the others from winning? Do I opt for the lesser of two (or three or four) evils? Do I stick with my party--even if I don't like my party's nominee? Do I vote based on the Vice Presidential nominees, and ignore the choices for President? Or maybe, only vote for folks "down ballot"--candidates for the Senate, Congress, state and local offices, leaving the top spots blank? Or--and for many I suspect this is an attractive option--do I just skip voting altogether this year.

I've already made up my mind how I'm going to vote--but it's not mine to tell you how you should cast your ballot. However, as a pastor, as a person of faith, it is mine to suggest we are called to be good stewards of every gift we have been granted. And for those of us fortunate enough to live in a democracy, one of the greatest gifts we've been given is the right to vote. I won't be coy and say I don't care HOW you vote. That wouldn't be true. But what I care about even more is IF you vote.

I know for many it feels like a Hobson's choice. I know for many it feels like being between the proverbial rock and a hard place. But such is life. Life's choices are often less than ideal. But still we must make them. And while that giant meteor may come crashing down on us before November 8, I really doubt it. So vote. Whatever else you do on the second Tuesday of November, use that precious gift and vote!


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