Going Solar

I will be on vacation at the time of the Florida primary for local and statewide offices, so I recently procured an absentee ballot. I have a few choices to make in terms of the county school board and the supervisor of elections (a more hotly contested position here in Florida than in most places I suspect), as well as United States Senator. There is also a proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution on the ballot. It would amend Articles VII and XII of the Constitution and add language to provide tax exemptions around the installation of solar or renewable energy devices.


I'm a big fan of solar--especially here in the so-called Sunshine State. It makes a lot of sense. And such an amendment would make it modestly more attractive from a financial perspective. But still, I don't think folks are going to "go solar" for strictly financial reasons. Indeed, some studies indicate a very long time is needed to recoup such investments. No, I think the better argument is a moral argument.

Solar (and other forms of renewable energy) is a gift for our children. It is a gift for our planet. And when one gives a gift, while budget does factor in, other considerations are more important. And in the end, many gifts don't seem to make a lot of sense economically, at least not in the short run. You give a gift out of love, or respect, or just because you care. So it may have to be with solar installations, and all other environmental measures. We do them out of love for our children and respect for the Earth. We do them because we care.

I will vote "Yes" on the proposed amendment. But what else do I need to do? What do I need to do about solar?


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