CREW Youth Group

Christians Ready Equipped and Willing

CREW meets in Heron Hall on Sundays from 5:30-7:00 p.m. (call the church office at 239-472-0497 for more information).


CREW NEWS:  On Monday, April 22 — Earth Day, at 4 p.m., SCUCC’s youth group CREW (Christians Ready Equipped and Willing) will celebrate a wonderful achievement. Under the auspices of the Children and Youth Committee and the Green Team, CREW recently participated in a scavenger hunt on the church’s campus. The hunt was in coordination with the National Wildlife Federation’s program with the goal of certifying the property as a haven for local wildlife, and the effort was a success!

Every garden that is certified helps to provide food, water, a safe haven, and an environmentally friendly place for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to live and raise their young. The CREW team found that the grounds qualified in several categories, including seeds from plants, pollen producers, wooded areas, burrows, dense shrubs/thickets, mature trees, and host plants for caterpillars, to name but a few.

Based on these findings, CREW will be awarded an official habitat certification from the National Wildlife Federation, as well as a metallic sign (pictured).

Please mark your calendar and join us for the presentation and celebration at the church on April 22.